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rip darrell vittone
« on: April 30, 2020, 11:12:32 PM »
rip darrell vittone ❤️

condolences and love to his family & friends ❤️

darrell was one of the true old school guys that’s been making vw’s go fast and racing them (and a vw powered fiat) since the 1960’s! he was a pioneer, innovator and enthusiast whose hard work, determination and passion was admired by many. he is a legend in the vw world and he will be remembered forever!

this pic is credited to darrell and is from the “california look vw” book (aka the “cal-look bible”) by keith seume.

the caption for the pic says.....

”darrell vittone preparing a 36hp engine prior to running it on the empi dynamometer. the photograph dates back to 1963 and shows an early equal-length exhaust system and an aftermarket carburetor set-up being used.”


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