Author Topic: Everyone ready for summer driving?  (Read 360 times)

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Everyone ready for summer driving?
« on: March 23, 2019, 07:28:00 AM »
I opened this bus for the first time this past week after being stored all winter (full of bus stuff) and I had all the doors open to let it air out and then I hear a commotion behind me.  I turn around there is Russell my dog already hopped up into the passenger seat on her own figuring it must be time to go for a drive.   She's too cute.

Bus: 1979 Kombi.   Green and white.   Waiting for restoration.  Was a runner last summer until it's brake pedal started going to the floor.  Driving around using just the emergency brake seemed dangerous so I parked it.   A lot of rust (a theme with my buses) but the most annoying is the bottom of the large metal roundish "bracket" that under the torsion bar has rusted through..... 

Dog:  Russell.  Female.  Four years old.  Stabyhoun/Lab mix.   She is the happy result of someone's plan to breed their super-rare Stabyhoun female until Russell's dad made it over the fence....

1975 Westy, Serenity
1975 Westy, Jack Sparrow
1979 Kombi, Pistachio
1979 Kombi, Oliver
1977 Tin top camper, Cosmos
1974 Westy, Garfield
1973 Tin top camper, Bart (now thinking he's 1976)
1974 gutted Riviera, Casper
1975 Westy, Stella
1979 Super Beetle, Penelope
1967 Fastback, Green Hornet


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