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Well, I never updated my phoenix race, so I will share some Fontana ,
Fontana is an amazing venue, has the nascar track and drag racing etc.
Well this is the second season with Brown Sugar, Last year was a break in period, learning the car etc.
So in phoenix we had some small issues typical,,,,, so I sent the car home with Paradise and Kris did a complete tear down and rebuild. I get to fontana and unload the car, Kris says he changed the map a bit on the car and I should have a consistent day.
First run off the trailer, I line the car up do my burnout and then stage , Lights fall and and away we go, she is on a charge so much so I know I need to pull the chute, I hit the lever and nothing.... i am like ok hit it again.. nothing... there is only one turn out in fontana and i am still cruising and trying to break, I think i can make the turn out.. oh shit no i can't, i start to pump the brakes and finally come to stop front wheels just into the pea gravel,  I back up and pull into the pits.. I get my slip and run 9.01 @155mph , Yes finally , next run run i had the exhaust come loose and I ran a 9:50 @ 143 and final run I had not traction and ran a 9:40 @ 151...
We head to Sac this weekend where I plan to break 8 sec in a pan car...
till then

see you down there. Will be watching.



Love the updates big man, keep em coming!

What was the issue with the chute?


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