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Yesterday I went to get my key cut for my 72 bus at a kiosk in Pacific Centre. The guy there indicated that he could not do it, as it is to "thin". He did not know anyone locally. I was kind of surprised, but then I haven't had an old VW key cut in long time.

I know Gabe in California specializes in VW keys, but before going that route does anyone know of a local key place that could do it? I am just needing a spare nothing fancy at this time.


Bruce Tweddle always sends people to the lock place in New West, up by the old Woodwards. Accurate Locksmith??

Keyhole locksmiths in Langley used to do code cuts for me, phone them first and ask before just showing up.

Precision Locksmiths in Coquitlam on Hartley behind United Blvd. They not only cut me keys, they had an ignition for a 71 bus in stock!

Thanks everyone for your recommendations!!!

I ended up going to Precision Locksmiths in Coquitlam, as it is the closest to my home. They did a great job within 5 minutes!


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