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How are the Bay projects coming along?

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Got a wheel package together

This is my project.  It is a year round driver but there is plenty left to do.  I figured it would be a 3-5 year project and I am approaching year 4 in a couple of months.

Most of the mechanical items have been resolved.  Westfalia interior is mostly complete with the exception of a head banger closet. Installed a big AGM battery (under the back seat) and 110/12 volt electrical system last summer.  No problem handling the original Dometic 12 V fridge.  Still need to figure out some auxiliary heat for those cool overnight trips.  Espar D2 or Propex 2000 are the choices.  Both are thermostatically controlled and very fuel efficient.  The propane unit is a little more costly as I will need a new tank.   

I also installed a set of proper winter tires in November so I don't have to worry about ice and snow.

It is still very lonely out here.  Almost never see any Bays on the road here in Ridge Meadows.

Hey Hansk. What size are those? I like em.

 Those are P225/70/15s  so still not LT rating but oh well.  They're on eurovan rims which actually DO NOT work on a bay.  Everyone else probably already knew that but I just had to try and make them work anyway. Don't try this at home.

In 1993 I put euro van wheels on my 71 bus. All that was needed was to enlarge the center bore for the bearing hub to pass thru. The fwd offset worked good on a lowered bus.

A better way to go is the 15" Benz steel wheels.


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