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Is it just me or does everyone have to fill out the Verification questions every time they want to post or reply to a post? I would think that by logging in would be enough to verify that I am able to post or reply to posts as I need to sign up to the sight, enter my information and log in. As a newby here, it is very discouraging to take part in the VW community.

With that said, I vote that the Verification questions by removed completely. Does anyone else agree?

Now I need to fill in the Verification questions...

52 split:
maybe you need to get a few posts under your belt first. i know the Victoria site has those questions, not getting the two mixed up by chance.


What is the local site address then? As apposed to the Victoria site.

And I would have a few more posts under my belt if I wouldn't have to fill out the @#$% verification questions every time.

I'm sorry your not happy with the verification questions. They were implemented to stop the overwhelming amount of spam we were dealing with. You may be frustrated by having to verify your first 5 posts but I was getting pretty damn tired of deleting upwards of 100 new spam member accounts as well as the posts they made on a daily basis.

If you've made your 5 posts and still having to do that let me know.



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