Author Topic: The Green Hornet back on the road! 1967 Fastback  (Read 884 times)

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The Green Hornet back on the road! 1967 Fastback
« on: October 16, 2017, 07:15:02 AM »
Thanks to member Jonny providing me with an original 12v generator that was a perfect match to my failed one.  Spade connectors and all.   A quick polarizing of the generator (like 2 seconds) and popped her in and for the first time in over a month my generator light turned off and my charging system works again like a charm.   Now I just have to wait for a sunny day to take her back out on the road!

I had already replaced the original 12v regulator with a new Bosch one as it had burn marks underneath and I know at least once the relay points inside fused together for a bit just before the whole system failed.   Interesting underneath the original regulator looks to be a diode (the bronze can with the red wire) added that I sure don't see in any schematics of this regulator circuit.  Also looks like there used to be a kind of wire fuse between the two blue wires that has burned/vaporized away. 

I do believe it's possible I was pulling too much current from the circuit that may have caused all this but I would not have thought it would be to the level of this melted destruction (that also killed my generator).   But who knows.   
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