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Air Speed Lounge / Re: Anyone local modify Kadrons for use with SVDA?
« Last post by beetlemandan on Yesterday at 08:07:51 AM »
i've done it. not that hard really. just some aluminum or steel wire, a hunk of brake line for a port with the similar sized drill and some jb weld. its worth the effort, makes a world of difference in drivability. heres the samba thread on it:
Classifieds / Re: WTB 15 inch 4 bolt spoke rims
« Last post by timgodber23 on January 17, 2020, 08:49:35 PM »
Do you have picture of those rims you have?
Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by jim martin on January 17, 2020, 05:58:04 PM »
  Vacuum pump and why not crankcase ventilation : hugely important topic
Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by jim martin on January 17, 2020, 05:56:31 PM »
 Quest for the 9's list
When I start going through this it was really a lot of work ,so many little things but all important .
 looks like the meat and potatoes are done :
.Trans inspected and new synchros and 1.00 4th gear
.Turbo repaired and upgraded with a billet inlet wheel and new exhaust housing ,header pipe fabricated
.New camshaft ,shorter duration more lift
.Engine inspected and overhauled
.k800 valve spring inspected and installed and readjusted
.EGT probes installed
.New REV6 clutch in ,tested and adjusted
.New intake fabricated
.Drysump oiling , done previously

I guess the last thing to talk about before some cool fun stuff is my vacuum pump system ,everyone asked , even from around the Globe I still
get e-mails and questions , so guess this is next .
- replace 4th gear and at same time replace all synchros and inspect trans, test new torco transaxle fluid
- go through motor and make sure its solid
- replace valve springs and reset spring pressure
- install EGT temp probes
- modify fuel system for high speed lean out
- upgrade clutch system to rev6
- repair damaged turbo and discuss options
- perform options to turbo and upgrade inlet to billet wheel and eplace exhaust housing
- fabricate new exhaust outlet pipe
- fabricate new intake manifold
- clean and simplify engine wiring and pipework
- test new ECMS ,clutch management system focus on consistent low 60 foot times.
- rewire complete car electronics
- fabricate and wire completely new data logging system
- tune new fuel curve as per new EGT data and work on aggressive but safe tune
- replace frt and rear shocks
- replace rear torsion bars
- dry sump oil system
- vacuum pump
- reset and alter alignment specs for new speed
- finish testing new night-stick select shifter
- replace camshaft and not because I wanted to but had to
- haul ass and go fast

this list will help me go through topics and can cross a few more off now
Classifieds / Re: Early bay roof clip
« Last post by gsun on January 17, 2020, 07:11:38 AM »
Going to scrap soon. Make an offer
Classifieds / Re: WTB: split bus front safari windows
« Last post by junichi on January 16, 2020, 11:51:20 PM »
Placed an order with Wolfgang today. 
Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by jim martin on January 16, 2020, 06:00:38 PM »
  So how did the REV6 perform ?
very very well , it performed just as it was designed to do. held under full boost ,took massive amounts of heat from slipping ,
allowed me to shift very fast and smooth .
would I recommend this unit , Yes I would .there are single and dual disc versions as well as a full street version now ,well looking into
check out Rons products they are excellent quality and support
  Now ,like any component there is never a install it and never touch it deal ,everything need adjustment .Ron does a excellent job reviewing your data
and building the clutch tailored to your needs . the only thing I found outa the box was that I could use a tad more slip as it was a hair to aggressive
for me ,this is due to mostly the way I drive ,im not a dump it kinda guy but a more easy out the pedal guy ,that makes a big difference to clutch set up.
I was used to a very controlled long gentle slip using my ECMS controller and Kennedy clutch ,so this was a bit of a learning curve using a Clutch
designed for use without any form of clutch management . this applied power to my rear wheels a lot sooner forcing my back end to plant hard against my shock stops .
   After breaking in the clutch as per Rons instructions and doing some testing at mission ,making suspension ,shocks and tire adjustments it was now performing
very well but still a bit aggressive ,so I reconnected my ECMS and added some timed and controlled slip .Wow now I could see I was heading in the right direction .
  After talking with Ron it was time to remove the engine ,inspect the clutch and make adjustments .
this is the time now that the motor was out again to modify the exhaust turbo housing and exhaust and make the new intake .Clutch looked good and photos sent to Ron.
  Now my clutch was originally adjusted to .080" pulldown that was changed to .100" pulldown .this will now allow more initial clutch slip before full engagement .
lets see how its held up .
  Flywheel , you can see the shims under the aluminum stands , lots of clutch dust in the slots and lots of heat slip check marks .
shows the clutch is working hard and there is some slip ,and good contact

  backside of the  floater , again good contact .,slip and check marks, sucker is taking heat .
between the flywheel and the backside of first floater is the aggressive disc .

top side of floater , big difference this is where the 50/50 disc is sandwiched ,wow big difference ,longer slip marks as well

backside of pressure plate , again long slip marks but less heat generated

  Very interesting to see the difference between the 2 disc and the contact surfaces . the thing works !
talked with Ron the other day and will send the complete unit down for inspection and refresh
  more on this clutch and how I abused it testing my ECMS later on
Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by jim martin on January 16, 2020, 03:05:42 PM »
  Advantages , well there are quite a few .
- Ron sets up the initial assembly from his knowledge base and sets the shim height and selects the combination of discs and pressure plate springs
- Rons help at any time , unbelievably fantastic assistance !!!
-3 different clutch disc combos : aggressive/slippy/50/50 aggressive slippy
-3 different pressure plate spring tensions  : light / medium / hard
-adjustable initial slip by setting shim height changing pull down leverage point
- centrifugal weights to help apply more clutch clamping under high rpm
- small 6" diameter clutch disc for extremely quick shifting due to smaller diameter and weight  of the rotating clutch mass.
ability to take huge amounts of heat through use of clutch disc material as well as very thick floater , pressure plate and flywheel surface .
  not bad at all !!!
LETS TAKE A LOOK , as arrived and after track/street abuse .
above picture is as arrived , now pulling it apart to inspect
   12 point arp nuts removed and pulled the clutch cover off, this is what holds 1 of the 3 available pressure plate springs , mines a Medium.
mine has 3 centrifugal weights

pressure plate , this is what the pressure plate spring pushes against on 1 side and the other against the top disc  , basically a special top floater
its held from rotating by the 6 indexing lugs in the pressure plate spring

top disc is a 50/50 combo . half aggressive and half slippy

under the top disc is the centre floater ,held from spinning by the 6 aluminum posts

bottom disc , see how small that unit is compared to a standard  almost 8" vw clutch disc

my bottom disc is a aggressive

and finally my 6 bolt , 6 at  8mm dowel flywheel , not lightened and weighs the same as a standard vw flywheel
also now you can see the 6 aluminum post very well and the shimming washers to set pull down height are bellow those , i had 13 shims at 10 thou each


Classifieds / Re: WTB 15 inch 4 bolt spoke rims
« Last post by rolls and pleats on January 15, 2020, 09:21:37 PM »
I have some 15x8 VW 4 bolt wheels. Not spoked though
Member's VW's / Re: Jim Martin
« Last post by jim martin on January 15, 2020, 01:33:20 PM »
    So if the Kennedy dual disc worked so good and for so long and still has tons of life in it why change ?
i noticed my transaxle was becoming a bit notchy , not miss a shift or grinding notchy  just notchy feeling .
so since i was making a 4th gear change  a closer inspection showed the syncros were slightly bent so they would not sit evenly on the syncroniser cone .
of course they were replaced , But what caused this .
   I already new the only real down-point  is the weight of the Kennedy 2 discs , there are full size 200 mm discs and  each one weighs more than a stock disc .
so put 2 heavy large diameter discs in there and those poor syncros need to work very hard accelerating and decelerating the mass of 2 heavy discs .and because of that
they took a bit of a small beating . now remember the Kennedy clutch has been in there for years of abuse ,so syncro issues after hundreds of passes and hard accelerating shift , no big deal .
would say to be expected at some point .
  SO moving fwd still with the plan into the 9's requires so many small things to come together and another piece is spend less time easy cautious shifting and not accelerating .
But get into the next gear quicker and back to accelerating . this should also do something else . by shifting quicker and getting back on the throttle should help keep the car
more stable between shifts as the car will not unload and reload the rear suspension .
 Out with my old Stock shifter and in with a new prototype shifter "night-stick select from wolfgang ent " this is a unit i have been helping Steve perfect and
yes will be able to dial-in my shiftspeed/reduction , more on this shifter later .
  Clutch choice that will still hold the poewer i make and take the heat and abuse of slipping and allow for rapid shifting with a syncro gear box
Ron Lummus REV6 is the choice .


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