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How important are these springs?
« on: July 30, 2019, 08:23:35 AM »
Hello all.   Finally replacing the front disk pads for my Varga style 2 pin calipers on my 1979 VW Bug.  It became a bigger job than I expected as I also had to replace the rotor and therefore got to do the two sets of bearings/seal/etc but that's not the point of this post today.   As I'm preparing to take out the old very, very, very worn down pads, I see one of these little clips/springs is missing (no it was not me, honest!).  The inside pad on the passenger side has no such spring.  The left hand side caliper (as per my photo below) has both springs.   In looking at it I'd guess it's possibly an anti-rattle spring of some type as the design and way it looks to add spring "pressure" would seemingly have nothing to do with pushing the pads back from the rotor to reduce wear or anything like that. 

It would seem no one sells these little spring clips that look anything like these at places like CIP1 or jbugs, etc.   Even rebuild kits don't come with anything that looks like them.

So are they important?  If just anti-rattle clips, I'll just get along without the one until I come across of worn out calipers at a swap meet or something. 

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