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Wing Window pop rivet
« on: August 31, 2016, 03:18:43 PM »
Needing pop rivet ( pivot point ) and installation tool for Wing window install
Any guidance would be appreciated

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Re: Wing Window pop rivet
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016, 08:09:35 AM »
Assuming by your photo on your avatar, a bus?  Maybe this will help? Page nine of the thread

Do not follow the IAC website's instruction order when putting the late bay door back together. It is very well written, but it is for earlier models.

The correct order of assembly for a late bay is outer scraper, window glass, window regulator, vent window, inner scraper, window felt. The order of glass, regulator, vent window is the critical thing. Deviate and pay the price of doing it again as you'll find you can't actually fit things. It is an extremely unforgiving assembly. Do it wrong, it will crush your soul. Do it right and it's not that hard.

Also I learned that to install the felt channel that surrounds the window it was necessary to install the glass onto the regulator, make sure the glass front edge was inserted into the vent window felt, and then roll it slightly up above the scraper rubber. Next I had to slide a few inches of the bottom end of the felt down onto the rear edge of the window. I tried first by installing the felt entirely in the channel, with the window sitting loose at the bottom of the door. I then found I could not get the window into the felt channel as the channel would push away from the window into a blind corner as I would try. By installing the glass first, and sliding the felt channel down over the exposed glass edge, this will be avoided. Please feel free to PM or post here if I'm not making sense.

Oh yeah, tighten the vent window pivot friction adjustment before you install the vent window. That bolt ain't easy to get to.

The best outer scrapers from Bus Depot are thin compared with originals, but did fit reasonably well. They have the "hockey stick" shaped end on the rubber, but the tip is more squared-off, not tapered as original and leaves a small gap at the rear where they should join the felt edge. I used NOS OG inner scrapers, but am not impressed by them. Honestly, the design of many parts of the door assembly just reeks of someone trying to save a buck, not create quality. I hope the accountants were happy.

Still, the results are pretty satisfying. Soft new seals, latch that works well, vent window that opens and closes, smooth rolling glass ...
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