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Flat towing reduction boxs


Picking everyone's brain on whether or not to flat tow or trailer my baja bug with the reduction boxs. It would be easier to flat tow the bug behind the motor home for getting into campsites versus a small flat deck trailer. I've heard in the past that it would burn out the reduction box gears to flat tow, any ideas?

It's perfectly safe to flat tow any Beetle, with or without reduction boxes. 
The gears in the reduction boxes will be spinning exactly the same as if you are driving it, but they'll have no load on them.
Important points are to make sure the trans is in neutral and the steering lock is off.

Thanks Bruce. Lots of different views out there....

Many views are held by people who have no idea how the gearbox works and have never seen the innards.

Or by people assuming that what causes a problem with their Mazda, must also be dangerous to a VW.

My uncle flat towed his Beetle behind his motorhome from Canada to Mexico and back, every year for 9 years. Long distance towing does no harm, other than increasing the number on your odometer.


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