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Locked in gear/Trans Code


My swing axle trans is locked in gear.Not sure which one,Heard there was away to unlock thru drain/fill plug.What is the procedure.Body off pan so access is easy.
Also looking for info on my swing-axle.
Came out of a 70's bug 4 stud swing axle.The serial number 8957669.No letters just numbers....
At one of the swaps someone told me was sun-bug factory free-way flyer.
finding out sun-bug only one year and was IRS.
Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks Dan

if its locked in second gear you may be able to pry it back with a bent screwdriver or brake adjuster tool thru the fill hole  (more luck than special procedure).

Thanks for your help.
That did the trick.
My transmission no longer locked.
Shifts just fine now


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