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With the recent downtime I managed to do some updates and add some requested features to the forums

- You can now show your location and country in your profile which reflects in all your posts
   To adjust this info, click on "profile" on the menu bar and then click "forum profile information" on the left side of the page. This will let you change your profile related info.
- Revised banner ad features, be sure to contact Geoff to get your banner online
   This should also help with the not seeing new posts and unread posts.

- Revised Private Messaging notification so give you a link for replying (I noticed many people replying to the email which went to a dummy account)

Are there any features that you would like to see added?

Some recent additions to the forum include a revised VW Club Section with an ASK DVKK and ASK ZUNDFOLGE section where ASF members can direct questions to any club or to the specific club they want.

As well this will be a great way for others looking to contact/ join a club or as Chris said just ask questions.
If you have any other input on changes you would like to see please feel free to PM either of us.

Trying out a new tool for events....

A built in confirmation tool so that you can add yourself to the list!

-  Creating a calendar event will allow you to register for this event.
-  A max number of attendants can be specified when creating the event, each person registered after the max number has a +n to note that they are on the waiting list.
-  xx Days (customizable) before the event date you will be allowed to confirm for the event.
-  xx Days (customizable) before the event the list is sorted with confirmed attendants appearing first.
-  On the day of the event (customizable), registrations are closed.
-  You can unregister at any time.

I have modified some current event listings to use this tool, try it out!

Trying out a new feature!

Soon all your posts will be linked to our Airspeed Facebook Group


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