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jim martin:
its nice too put a car too a name so here is some photos of my car in primer. earlier pictures ar during the 3 month shake down and test before finall disasembley for paint.seams too be the long way to do things ,but if your not in a rush its the best way.many unexpected things have popped up during those 3 months and i'm sure glad it wasn't painted .i've had the car over 23 years ,and in 1983 i chopped it 4 1/2 \" then ran the car hard each summer for3-4 years going through at least 2-3 engine combos a year.finally i just parked it as i was plagued with mechanical problems and was just sick of working on it ,so i wrote a note of everthing that needed inproving and repare ,tossed it on the passanger seat and parked 2002 i lifted the cover and got rehooked again,so i took the note and went through everthing and came up with a plan .which pretty much meant picking up where i left off years earlier ,included this round -rechop body to 5 \"/fix everthing i hated/run to vw 2003 car show in coquitlam/run 70 hp shot of nitrous /and have fun doing it!made good on all was run very hard for 3 months and held up very well.all work was performed by myself except for the body filler work and the rancho trans.thanks too all that helped with info or a hand when i needed it.I OWE YOU all  a ride in the spring of 2004 .
car runs a 2275 motor/5 speed trans/old school centre lines/cage and a glass nose [NOW CONVERTED TOO STEEL].see you on the streets in 2004 ,now i need to pick a colour?
jim martin,vancouver

engine area i like the old school look

shot at work , had too bring the car in that day as one tech challanged me to a race after hours,poor bastard another mazda goes down easy.

breaking in the motor on the test stand,a fresh motor always sounds good

its a shame too pull that motor out again
now i just need a colour?

Nice Jim,
Car looks great B)

I just gotta learn how to post pictures now

hey jim,

that is a great looking car. i've seen you cruising cambie street w/ a car seat and child in the back. damn... lucky kid.

i've got your # from a previous post, i'll call you soon, just super busy these days.



James Buchan:
Lookin good Jim, Is that your shop with the hoist?


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