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Update #26


Off to the paint booth!

Monday morning we finished off the prep work and with the aid of Darren K's trailor (Thanks Dude) We were headed to the paint booth. The rain held off long enough for the drive down and to get it into the shop.  

Here's a shot of Gerry starting on the first coat of base.

I gotta say it was the hardest decision to choose the brown. I almost changed my mind for the 100th time just before we started to spray.
I love it now :rockon:

Two coats of base and onto the clear..

It took a lot of work and filler but it now looks like a heb lid :D

Tuesday I woke up with a killer flu so I let it sit for another day.
Wed morning the body went onto the pan and I started to put things together.
Jim is giving me a hand so I hope to have it ready to take to the Classic.......thats about 10 days away. I have a lot of work to do!

Next update should be the last for a while. I need to spend as much time working on the car as I can. It should be ready for the Classic weekend, not finished but close enough that I can enjoy it while down there.



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