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Update #24


Not a lot has been done since the last update as it's now show season and most weekends I'm busy at events and shows around the Northwest.  Last weekend we drove to Vegas and back for Viva Las Vegas, What a show/Party!  We had a few problems along the way including some snow in Utah :o  

We were stuck on the side of the HWY for 7 hrs waiting for the snow plow to clear the way :wacko:

I did manage to get the long block 1914cc built as well as some black etch primer on the inside of the car.

The motor has a DPR 69 CW crank.
Engle 100 cam
NOS Sig Earson 2pc lifters
CH Molly push rods
40x35.5 heads P&P with Dbl springs
Solid shafts and swivel feet
Full weight fly wheel
36mm Dellorto carbs.

First shot is the inside with a quick coat of etch primer.

Next it was onto the pan. Five coats of black gloss tremclad both sides, good enough for this project.

Now onto the fun stuff, Bolting up all the clean parts!

Trans was next, urethane mounts,brake lines,hoses and shift bushing.

Russ powdercoated all the front suspension parts, Beam mount,axle, frames and more.

The beam mount was coated gloss black, steering box and parts were added,

The alum block at the top just under the spring mount is used to set the ride height. The great thing about using the stock beam as a starting point is it allows me to use caster shims to set the suspension.

Next it was time for the master,brake pedals, lines and hoses. The hoses turned out to be a small challange as they need to adapt to the 48 wheel cyls. A few phone calls and a visit to NAPA got me set up.

Here you can see the pan hard bar installed (this should help in the bump steer and side to side movement of the front suspension). Also here you can see I added a set of small spring shackels to stop the spring from twisting, a small spacer was made to take up the slack due to only using three of the orig six springs.

The back end is now on the ground! I'm just waiting for the spindles to have their new king pins reamed and the front will be all together and rolling.

A few more days work and I'm back onto the body, Hope to have some paint on it in the next few weeks.


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