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I like the dash plaque Idea,,, Old school...
I think next year we could order 2 porta potties and take them from the Bar B Q to the Show. I had alot of "wheres the washrooms" and then when I told thenm they were like ." are you Kidding"

More Salads next time for the Bar B Q. We thought there would be about 85 people and I think we were pushing 200

Classes are a crap shoot....I agree,  I think as far as games and entertainment, DVKK did a great job with that.  Also I like the new Idea we did with the "car for sale " row.

I like the 50/50 for an engine.. or maybe even a used car....

Maybe put the classes on the cars so the visitors voting know which box to tick.

I think we need to retire that Announcer :lol:

Great show with great fun. I do think your venue is getting too small for your show. I like the three day event. Makes for an entire weekend of fun for the out of towners. Makes it more than worth the trip. Don't know if a single day would make me come down come hell or high water. I do agree that T3's should have their own class. but how do you know how your #'s look ahead of time for the more rare models.

Good job though to all the organizers. I guess my only ideas would be bigger venue, and keep it the three day thing. Need to do the poker run on the saturday though. That would be a hoot!

Thanks again all

The awards ceremonies take too long. A lot of people started leaving including myself. There was no mention of the awards even at three thirty.
Being out in the sun all day and getting up early really wears you out. Think about it anyway.

i dont know if the one day event at mission is such a good idea. that place is dirty, far away, sometimes hard to find, not really that pretty to look at. also, i think it would be to much for one day.

i kind of enjoy the 3 day bender. heck we should make it a 4 day bender and bring back the thursday night cruise at wally burgers.

coquitlam town centre park is so nice. lots of green space, the swap and the show are seperated from each other. water park for the kids. skate park. concession. lots of free parking. lots of grass. i think we all have to deal with the heat no matter where it is. 95% of the time it's frikkin hot in bc in august. i love it. bring on the heat.

attendance did seem to be up this year tho. if a new place needs to be found, i vote for a place that has the above mentioned attributes.

maybe there could be some other food vendors aswell. charge them big bucks to set up there cart, and they get the opportunity to sell there food to 3000+ people all day. popcorn, peanuts, falafels, jumbo smokies, icecream truck, salad bar....

i dont know about the beer gardens. kinda sounds like a heat score to me.

great parking of the cars/categories this year. it was perfect. all types perfectly placed.

bikini contest.  B)

more garbage cans/bottle recycling cans.

ban the baby-motorbikes. everytime i see one i get the urge to punt the bike and rider through the uprights.

the bulliboys and dglvk and any other clubs should get to park together, maybe somewhere on the grass, and should have banners and merch.

hmmm. all in all. great weekend. you know i love it.  ;)


Have someone there giving out samples of sunscreen....ouch! :blush:  


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