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Welcome to the "Official GCVWS" forum room. We are looking for all your feedback to make this event the best it can be. Please post on all three days.  We want to hear all the GOOD or BAD that you feel we need to hear.

There will be more classes next year.
The great guys from the DDB made it clear to us that we need to bring back the T3 classes and that will be done for the 15th annual 2006 show.

Tell us what you would like to see, more engine blows? more prizes? more games? Larger show areas for cars? Just let us know and we will work to make this the best event around.

Photo's of all winners will be posted in the Gallery under GCVWS2006

Geoff Peterson


jim martin:
--contact info questionaire should be given to all people entering in the show ,on the questionaire spectific contact info,name/car/fax/cell/e-mail etc can be gatherd that way you build a data base but more important people can be contacted to make sure they are aware of the date well in advance,this could help gain more cars back where attendance was low in certain category's.
--build in a give away to all entries as a incentive to enter show,ie shirt or something.
--engine blow should be a aircooled motor on a test stand.
--my daughter would love a old bug under a canopy to paint with water love that one.
--beer garden :D
--make sure to keep it from being on the same date as the airshow.
--i know its a long shot as well as you've lookied into it ,have it all on one day at mission,show/games/drags
but not sure how attendace would be due to location /travel time.

also thanks again to all envolved i had a great time.just not sure why bruce did not want me in any photos.maybe my new hair cut wasn't as good as i thought
yours truley jim mOrtOn :lol:

Good feedback Jim,
The engine blow is always a "other make" vehice for a reason. We would rather blow up a Fox, Hyundi, Buick or what ever because good aircooled engine cores are getting hard to find. We have toyed with building a stroker motor with everyones left over junk parts????  We will think that one over again. There is also a safety issue with the exposed engine blows. Plus the car is easy to clean up and tow away.

We have been working on a all day event at mission but that may still be a few years away.

I think the idea of the questionaire is really good, a great way to email everyone and get their feedback as well.

Thanks Jim, keep em coming!

James Buchan:
I think the whole day at Mission would be awsome but I couldn't imagine how much that would cost!

A bigger venue would definatly be a bonus or at the very least a larger show area. I noticed in the T1 area that the cars were so deep you couldn't get into see alot of them (the early morning arrivals).

Porta potties? It is a LONG hike to the can!

I didn't like the amount of pocket bikes/kids on skate boards flying around the cars - one slip and bamm there goes a paint job. Maybe a sign/announcement would prevent this.


I thought the concession was pretty good this year - was it new ownership?

I also found that a number of people were unsure of times/locations etc... maybe an early canvassing of posters/flyers/advertising. As well as handouts to give people at the events so they have an itinerary.

As for the internal stuff we should get a group of the workers/organizers together to talk about that offline.

I had a few people ask me why no Type 3 class, but had more people mention fewer classes was nice due to the awards not taking an hour like last year or like Seattle that had over kill amount of classes(I was told). Every year is a crap shoot as to how many in each class will show up. Not one notchback showed up and yet double the amount of verts surfaced, way fewr busses showed, but holy weree there a lot of early custom beetles... etc...

- 50/50 draw, we could build a sweep the floor stroker or 1914 and raffle that off. Half the money goes towards paying off the build cost and winner gets the other half. Someone might be pretty stoked to win a perf motor?

- Jims comment about the email database is great. We could email out a month before then each week leading up to and make sure no one forgets it's coming up.

- DGLVK bbq was a huge hit, lot's of people commented how much fun they had.

- had two people ask if we were selling dash plaques?



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