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New project to throw money at....56 kombi that Johnny, Andrew, Jarrod and me went and rescued out of McBride BC this last spring. Was a fun trip, awake for 42 hours straight.....kamakazi bonsai run there and back haha.
Bus was missing a bunch of parts but it's not terribly rusty....plan is to keep this one crazy resto involved! Weld a bunch of gerson in and blend in what's left of the original dove blue, standard straight axle slam job budget style!
Already collected a pile of crucial bits, added up a funky green order....$2800 ouch, that's gonna have to wait a bit! Gonna blast underside, make it 100% solid and paint the bottom all pretty in commercial grey.

Some as found pics......someone with mad graffiti skills got to it many moons ago!

It sat in storage for 4-5 months, did some trading with Johnny and I ended up with the bus in my shop a few weeks ago...first order of business was a super clean, pressure wash in and out, easy off oven cleaner took a while to get all the spraypaint off, CLR scrub of the roof and she looks 100% better already!

Ripped all nasty wood panel and hippy house insulation out....

Got a twisted up pressed bumper great Canadian weekend, smashed it back into something respectable and stripped it back to OG paint

Old logos are pretty far gone due to someone taking a sander to them long ago....that took the paint down to bare metal I between the letters....fuckers! Once read HI GRADE TV SERVICE...TV and RADIO REPAIR down the long side. Think I have to have them redone at some point!

Aftermarket light hacks fixed and OG bubbles sourced

Bent up crank start apron sourced, straightened and peashooter hacks filled

Front bumper was pretty thrashed but came out titties!

Clean 1600 to putz it down the road until funds allow a real motor!

I've got front doors coming along with a few other missing goodies, I just need some cash for the funky green, seats, a trans and some odds and ends to throw it all back together! Super stoked to have such a killer bus for my first type 2!

Gonna take a break from it and hop back on my 55 now to try and finish it for next season :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij: :1rij:

Looks killer..nice Patina Kombi!!!  :party1:

red snapper:
Sweet bus buds! With your eye for detail, Im sure it will turn out killer.
How do you find the time??


--- Quote from: red snapper on September 21, 2014, 09:58:59 PM ---How do you find the time??

--- End quote ---

I'm a vampire :73: <<<<< and look like this in the morning

Great start Josh.

That bumper turned out awesome.


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