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Cleaning burned oil out of valve cover?

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This is probably a part of some Darwinian award but later in the evening after cleaning one's valve cover insides with oven cleaner several times in a row and scrubbing between each'll start to figure out what skin was splashed with dots of oven cleaner that you didn't manage to clean off yourself afterwards.......

Richard Kuczko:
After all that and the costs of cleaners.  You could have bought brand new ones for cheaper and less chemical burns.  :)


--- Quote from: Richard Kuczko on May 20, 2014, 06:32:28 PM ---........... You could have bought brand new ones .............

--- End quote ---
Got a link?, Chinese?, German?

Richard Kuczko:
Nope.  I guess it wasn't that funny lol.  My wife does say I'm a nerd

Sorry, I wasn't trying to unfunny you, just thought you may have found a source for new type 4 valve covers I hadn't seen (although with the quality of most new stuff now would anyone really even want them?), happily the old ones clean up nice in most cases ;)


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