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"Cutie" a 18 year old project and counting

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Pictures are coming on Saturday.
Here's the run down
1975 std Beetle bought it when I was 16. Drove it for about 2 years (winters in the Puddle were cold)
Had engine problems tire it down for a engine rebuild and then go more ideas.
Worked on it of and on until I was 25 and then with 25 got married
Stored the car and moved to Switzerland car stayed in W.L. That was 2003. 2005 it went into a body shop when I was over for a visit. Did div. rust repairs.
2 years later my brother moved it to his house on the coast.

Now my brother is moving and doesn't want to move the car again in it current state. So it's time I move it to where I am. Problem is it would cost me a good 5 grand in its current state or, less than half that if it's moving. So my conclusion is to have pan body and roll work done. So I can ship it the cheaper way and invest the rest of my money on the car.
Either I'll have it completely done there. And come pick it up with the family. Or we'll ship it over when it's ready for that.
I'll post pics as it's getting built.

Opps ;-) I just noticed i turned my intro into a build thread of my Car lol just saw that today.;topicseen

If anyones is interested in what happened up until today :-) the link is above from now I guess I'll continue the updates where they should be. Just included that link so one can see the whole build progress.

Or is there a way to move that thread to here?

Has anyone tried mounting there Engine oil cooler up front in the Fenders under the headlights? I know right there are the Bumper mounts but mine are gone so I was wondering if it might be an idea to mount the coolers there like they did in some 911's. I was thinking maybe adding some Ducts or vents where the bumper mount used to be to add air flow to them. Would that be a doable idea? 

I haven't seen that done. I've seen in front of the front apron, but most guys are still mounting the coolers out back and either ducting to them (similar to what I've done) or ducting through the quarter panel.


Geoff is hard at work on the Pan stiffening. Because I decided a Roll Cage would be unsuited for the planed use. Geoff came up with a really cool solution to add some roll Stiffness to the Chassis and increase the side impact stability of the frame.

When the pan is back on its right side. Geoff will work on the pedal set up, seat mounts, front frame head bracing and upper beam supports, and then the rear suspension bracing / stiffening. Lots of work still to do before Russ can spray it with powder and bake it :-).

Excited to see how far this week will take us.

Pictures to be posted at the end of the week


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