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So here is some background info: Last June I finally got off the fence and decided I wanted to build a bug again, I have wanted a 57 Oval since I was 17 (Im 43 now).. So the time was right and with permission from the warden I began my search. I looked through forums, CL and The Samba for weeks when I finally discovered a 57 in Maple Ridge that was already stripped and needed "some" work.. after some negotiating with the owner (Bagged Oval) we settled on a price and the rest is history. I brought the car home and basically tucked it into the garage for a few months and began figuring out a plan of attack. My first priority was to find someone capable of doing the metal work, after a few false starts I was introduced to Bruce McCrindle aka Notchback aka AirCooled Werks. Bruce and I met, discussed the project shot alot of ideas back and forth and I agreed on a plan of attack. Basically to start we are replacing floors, heater channels, fire wall, A-pillars, rear inner fenders, rear valance, and a few other bits and pieces to get the structure back into top shape. So progress is moving along, as you'll see in the photos. Wish me luck.. its going to be a long, fun journey.

as she waits..

As I waited I worked on stripping the body to see exactly what I was working with...

I like strippers...

Getting ready to go for metal work!!


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