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How are the Bay projects coming along?

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Who's got a Bay project that will hit the road in 2014?

I hear Bruce may get his on the road?


Let's see some projects.

70's Looker:
Common Bruce get it there, before you enjoy the SUV lifestyle!

Richard Kuczko:
As soon as I pick up my wicked engine that Darren is building and put in I it will be complete    Except head liner.  And I will take a bunch of pictures and post them. 

Richard Kuczko:
  I think Bruce spent too much time slamming my bus and didn't make time to finish his own.   So thanks Bruce.  Still don't get tired of all the smiles and thumbs up when I drive it down the road.

I just got dropped spindles and boomerangs for my 73 Hightop. I have been driving it stock since I got it last spring. Rims and tires and altitude adjustment are coming soon!


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