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65 Beetle Rebuild

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got the alignment dialed in and took it for a rip, pretty happy with how it is turning out. I have just a few smaller things to do on the interior then when I get a chance the engine will go in
I have a few paint touch ups to do as well (the inside of the one door ect)

all in all not a killer show car but I'm pretty happy so far

just a reminder of how it looked when I picked it up, missing two fenders,gas tank,front beam, tranny and engine

2275 going in
hit a snag with my fuel regulator in the way, i'll make a new bracket and get back at it
I'm pretty busy during the week but will get some more work done this weekend
hope to be rolling it pretty soon

Car is looking great Russ!

it's in and running I need to clean the wires up and a few touch ups in there
it's running but could use a bit of tweaking
I'm pretty happy at this point

Looks amazing Russ!


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