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65 Beetle Rebuild

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After 14 years as my daily driver I've decided to give the beetle a full rebuild. Mother nature has taken a toll on the heater channels plus the front and rear aprons. Not sure what the car will look like when it's done as I may put it back to it's original colour. I will post pictures as I go as I figure it will take a couple years for me to complete.

Stephan Schmidt:

It looks like a great place to start!  I really like the factory color! Not too many Grey type 1's around.  Any more pictures?


So was this one originally the Java Green.  Had one of those many years ago.  As well as a Pearl White standard.

Just curious about the muffler too.  Which one is it and how do you like it?

The original colour of this car was ruby red. The colour of the car now is anthercite gray a colour not available in 1965 so depending if I want to make it period correct or not on the colour choice. The muffler is from empi and I got it from CIP part #c13-3417 and I do like it as it uses the stock exits.

Boy does that remind me of my first bug, but yours in a lot nicer condition!
Keep us updated


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