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The Avanti goes under the knife

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The Avanti project has begun!

The fist stage was to get the body up and off the original Chassis.
Being that this was a orig Black plate California car it came apart quite quickly with no seized or rusted bolts ;D

Next it was time to remove all the interior and misc parts including the rear window.

LIft off!!!!

Day two..Time to line up the new Art Morrison Chassis

It was now time to cut the floors and trunk out of this pristine car  :o

Then line it up and see how it fits..

Corvette brakes at all four corners...

A test fit with a donor wheel, this is just an 8" the rears will be 12"

More to come!

70's Looker:
interesting work there! ok so curious is that a fiberglass car? cause thats some crazy floor shapes for steel!


Yep, she's Fiberglass


--- Quote from: Geoff on December 28, 2009, 10:08:32 AM ---Yep, she's Fiberglass

--- End quote ---

looks great geoff!

be carefull tho...with all this exposure to fiberglass (the manx & the avante) you'll be hard pressed not to be higher than a hippy in a helicopter & scratching like this guy...



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