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Any thoughts to moving the great canadian out to Mission. We hold the old car Sunday in the park with over 300 cars. there is lots of room,there would be room for people to camp nearby,possibility of beer gardens and it would tie in nicely with the drags on friday and cruise on the Saturday.
Just throwing it out for discussion.

i have nothing to do with the gcvws organization...but having the show in mission with a bunch of other cars would be wrong imho.

i love all types of vintage steel...but i truly look forward to the gcvws every year because i know it is all vw...all the time. plus the location is perfect (scenic, local, green spaces, kids park, spectator parking, the swap & show are close but not too close together, etc) and even tho the show has been getting bigger each year...i still think the venue is just the right size (not too big...not too small).

just my $.02 ;)

YA....i'm with Silas on that one!

When you are restricted to one brand, having the location central to the majority of cars is the key to success.  I can't imagine there are too many VW enthusiasts out in Hope.

Sorry if you guys thought that I was suggesting to move it to the same time as old car sunday in Mission, which happens to be every fathers day weekend. My thought was to have the volks alone out there.
If you guys get a chance come on out and see it next year, it would be great to see some more vw's there!


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