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the '55 Ragtop.....are we done yet?

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So I figgured i'd start a thread on my new car and update it as I get along in the build.

heres the puzzle.....

It was all stripped and body work done in the early 90's by a porche shop in the oakanogan. heater channels, and a couple other rust repairs were done at that time. It has all the correct parts with it like non cutout rear apron, 4 tab hood, big spring W lid, ribbed doors etc, etc.

Body came on a 69 ball joint/IRS pan that i'm debating on using.

Every time i get out into the garage to \"work\" on it I end up just doing circles pondering where to start and getting a game plan.

I tore down the rag and man some of those little screws are a biatch to get out after 53 years. some stripped, some snapped and ended up heating some up with the torch. will replace with all stainless hardware.

The original 3 fold....

and the mechanism parts after being stripped and powdercoated. Crincle black and the 2 aluminum bars done in chrome powder, side rails re-polished.

Almost too nice to cover in canvas.

I'll hopefully have all the shiny chrome bits back from the platers soon.

As far the body goes there are a couple areas that need some attention.
For some very strange reason the caged square nuts were cut off on the inside of the roof where the tensioning strip holds down the canvas.

I've started building new \"cages\" out of sheet metal and finnished drilling,tapping and cutting little square nuts out of 3/8\" flatbar, lotsa fun i'll tell ya :rolleyes: then i'll weld them all back on so I can adjust the canvas without having to pull the headliner to get a wrench on the inside.

I don't like the shape of the aftermarket heater channels at the front, they're all square like a 70's beetle and have the pressed louvered heat out lets instead of the mesh ones.
I found a set of original grills but once I got them shipped to me they turned out to be too rusty to use, oh well at least I have the shape/size to make new ones.
when I cut these areas out, i'll have a chance to coat the inside in rust bullet or something to protect them.

.......more to come


the car was light beige from the factory, I was thinking of sticking with that but there is a zwitter in victoria that color. I might go diamond green again or I might get brave enough to paint it black

Looks killer Josh

right on josh. looks like a great project.


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