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2018 GCVW Judges Needed
« on: August 04, 2018, 09:57:07 AM »
I have to say, previous years have been wonderful with the volunteers we had for Judging. I'm really hoping that 2018 shows the same excitement and help from the community for Judges, as we really do need you! This is your show and we really need help making sure your cars are judged well. The ideal number of volunteers is 19. Some of the classes are very large, so we need to divide and conquer at the show.

What you need to be a judge

1) Willingness to devote about an hour of time walking through and looking at the class of cars.
      - Judges get the best view, when you walk up with a clipboard the crowd parts and you really get to check out all the bits you wanted to see. We try and divide up the classes so you might be doing two or three smaller classes, or one large class in your hour of time.

2) Willingness to spend 20min tallying your scores.
      - As you judge each car, you're simply circling numbers from 1 to 5, and maybe adding some notes for yourself as you go. At the end of your session, before handing in your clipboard we simply need you to add up each car's score and write it at the top corner. This allows us to quickly tally up classes and figure out the top cars. We have a nice shaded tent with chairs to give you a break while you do this.

What you don't need

A) Expert detailed experience with every possible detail.
     - In an ideal world, each class would be judged by someone who knows every minute detail of the class, could tell if a fender was OE or repop from 50 feet away and knew if that taillight was mounted 6mm too far to the left. But hey, we're not quite at concourse judging yet. Cars are evaluated on basic standards such as "Paint", "Interior", "Engine", etc.  We always take requests for class judging, so if you know a lot about Standard beetles before '67 (and don't have one in the class), we'll probably have you judge that class.

How do I volunteer?

- Reply to this thread with your name...
- Send a PM to me, owdlvr (Dave Hord).

Let me know your name, Airspeed user name and if you have a particular class you want to judge. For obvious reasons, you aren't allowed to Judge your own class, but volunteering to Judge for other classes will ensure we have a great 2018 show.

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Re: 2018 GCVW Judges Needed
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2018, 07:27:44 PM »
Team “martin” is in
- we’ll do the type 2 non custom

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