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Engine seems governed
« on: June 30, 2018, 07:01:46 PM »
I have a 78 Bay with a 2 litre fuel injected motor.
recent complete build. approx 5000 kms
Its lifted 2 1/2 inches with 215/15 bfg's
I thought it felt sluggish because of the tires, but recent realized it wasnt rev ing over 3000 rpm
Sitting, in neutral, I can accelerate up to 3500 rpm, at 1/2 throttle/pedal, and then if craps out and drops and stays around 3000

Ive ......
swapped out three different dizzies, with different variations of new points, old points, condensors and electronic
swapped out coils
swapped out air flow sensor
pulled and cleaned throttle body
swapped out dual relays
checked compression
removed muffler
checked for full throttle cable
check fuel pressure
changed fuel filter

still same issue ..... ugh

you guys got anything?