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Great Canadian VW Show 2020 - August 21/22/23

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Great Canadian Volkswagen Show

August 21/22/23 2020

host hotel info...

Accent Inn Burnaby
3777 Henning Dr
Burnaby, BC
V5C 6N5

25 standard rooms with 2 queen beds @ $189 plus tax per room per night
GROUP ID 5842792
Release date: book before July 21

For reservations please call 1-800-663-0298 and quote GROUP ID 5842792 “Great Canadian Volkswagen Show”
All reservations must be made prior to the release date of July 21.
Once an individual has reserved, they can still cancel up to 24 hours prior to arrival.

more info to follow regarding events/times/locations!!! stay tuned!!!


What/where is the host hotel?


--- Quote from: Chris on February 25, 2020, 07:29:53 PM ---What/where is the host hotel?

--- End quote ---

whoops! thanks for catching that chris!

the original post has been edited to include host host name & location!

ps...if you or the powers that be could make this tread a sticky and un-sticky the 2019 gcvws thread...that would be super cool!


Done, enjoy!

Are there contingency plans if it has to be cancelled?


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