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Advise on making a windshield frame or having one made

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Max G:
Ok, so I can't find anyone that makes a 48" wide windshield frame (I have a hillbilly buggy).
I have one that is incorporated into my hardtop but I want a standalone shield for the summer.

Has anyone had any experience in making thier own frames? What have you used for materials? Steel, Aluminum? U profile or Angle Iron? Tube with tabs to hold the glass?

I have no problem in getting laminated glass cut to size, but it seems like there are many ways to build a frame.
I saw some dude on YouTube who made a wood template and bent u-channel aluminum around it (after heating it up)

Maybe someone knows of a local fab shop that does this kind of thing for not too much money?????

I suggest you seek some advice from the Kit Car/Fiberglass Buggy forum on the Samba.  I would include a picture of your buggy dash area where the windshield would be located.  A search of that forum would also likely bring some results.  If you posted a picture of your buggy I may have an idea as well.

Max G:

--- Quote from: pittwagen on April 07, 2017, 03:14:59 PM ---If you posted a picture of your buggy I may have an idea as well.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your response
I did some searches on the samba, but maybe I should dig a little deeper, and maybe throw up a post there too, thanks

Here is a few pics of the dash and the hardtop with integrated windshield

The dash is a separate piece to the body but I think there's enough depth on the sides to bolt a windshield onto it. I just don't want to cut up the hardtop.

So there is no way to separate the windshield from the roof and have it as a stand alone?  At some point they must have been separate.  If no,  I would recreate the windshield.  Probably easier than building a tube frame assembly and incorporating a windshield into that. 

How stable is that dash area such that it would be able to support a stand alone windshield?  It may need some work. Is a roll bar in the future?

I cut holes in the top off the dash slid the smaller frame in the holes put spacers in the gap at each end off the dash then bolt it the same as other buggys bolting through the ends off the dash


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