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BCIT Hobbyist Courses?


Has anyone taken any of the weekend courses offered by BCIT listed below? They seem to be geared for the hobbyist.

WELD 0102 - Introduction to Welding (Sept/Oct)
WELD 0103 - Oxyacetylene/Braze/Welding/Out (Oct/Dec)
ABOD 0130 - Vehicle Restoration: Sheet Metal Fabrication (Sept/Nov)
ABOD 0131 - Vehicle Restoration: Welding (Nov/Dec)

Hey Phil. I took a Tig welding course there on Saturdays last year. Very much geared towards the newbie/hobbyist. If you get Paul for an instructor say hi for me.

If your just looking to get some Mig experience come by the house and try mine if you like.


I've taken those courses and they are a blast and provide a great opportunity to increase your skill set. I did the sheet metal as well as the painting courses. Great fun and a great learning experience.


Last I checked they don’t offer it anymore ☹️

They still offer courses. In fact their "panel making" course starts this weekend.


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