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Gauges on a buggy


Max G:
What gauges do you run on your buggies?
I'm redoing my dash as there is at least one gauge I'm pretty sure I'm not going to need  (water temperature!) and I was wondering what combination of gauges people run on their aircooled engines apart from tach, speedo and oil pressure

I'm redoing my dash on my buggy as well, and I plan to have my speedometer, tach, volt gauge, oil pressure, oil temp, and fuel.
What kind of gauges are you using? I just have the old VDO gauges, but I've seen some really nice units lately but I assume they would be pricey.

Max G:
I've got the speedo, looks original to me?

It came with an aftermarket tach which I dont think I will keep (it was mounted on the column)
I have oil temp, amps, fuel gauges that I will keep, but will obviously ditch the water temp and the lbs/.Sq inch (psi for turbo possibly???) gauges that were installed for the watercooled engine that was in it.
It's a shame that the oil temp gauge doesn't match the fuel and amps gauges.

I also have a column mount indicator switch, what seems like a light switch (as it has a rotating function. ..dimmer? And has two pull out notches) and there is another switch which has is a three position rotating one, not sure what it's for.
The other is an aftermarket rear heater back glass flip switch which I might use for something.

So I think I will have Speedometer, amps, oil pressure and fuel, and then for the switches: indicators, headlights and the other cream colored one if I can figure out what it's for.

I also need to source a key  for the ignition barrel, but they are only 15 bucks new from AVR so I will probably buy new, but I was thinking of putting in a security system and possibly a push button start and do away with the key altogether.....

Any input from you wise vw enthusiasts is more than welcomed!


thats what im running might be over kill though lol. I think your head temp. oil light and pressure are very important if your running a tuned up Air-cooled engine. just my 2 cents. I have a speedo still in Canada that im trying to sell but ist a white face mph so probably useless for you?

Hope that helps a bit

Cheers Rene

I'm running from left to right

2 1/16" Fuel gauge vdo

5" Tach vdo

4" Speedo kph vdo

2 1/16" oil Pressure vdo - switched between two senders (engine out engine in)

oil Temp vdo - switched between two senders (engine out engine in)

Voltmeter vdo

in console

2 1/16" Trans Temp Autometer (painted)

Head temp Autometer (painted)

hope that helps


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