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Tire out of wheel well ?


Is there any allowance in Canada that the wheel/tire spacing slightly comes out of the wheel well. Anyone know?
Right now on the front they are about .5" out of the wheel well on each side. And on the rear about an 1" do I have to cover them up?? :-)

What about rolling the front fenders has this been done on a beetle before? Or does it just look dumb.
On the Rears I think I have to do something.

Or how do the wheel wells of a mk1 golf compare to the beetle, can I cut off the flares from a golf fender and make them fit in a way that they still look nice and clean. Similar to the Karscher fenders?

Any thoughts? Or ideas or suggestions. The karscher fenders I could get but they are almost 2g after taxes  that's a nasty price tag for just fenders!!

Thanks Rene


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