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GCVW'S Aug 21 st Mission raceway

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jim martin:

hoping to see alot of VW's running this year
- of course we are all running in the street legal series that night.
But for those that crave some real racing thrill's,meaning you can actually compete in a real race event that night as well
there is a new alternative that will be running that same night .

its called the " BC Street Car Shoot-out "
its Bracket racing and will start after about 2 complete cycle's  of the 4 groups in the street legal series (outlaw,domestic,imort,motorcycle}
there will be a anouncement and you will bring your car down to the staging area for a quick lookover
and add S/S instead of import to your window - pay your $20 bucks ,decide on your E.T and your in .
you will keep racing in the BC Street Car Shoot-out until /or if your are eliminated and if so you just go back to the street legal event
everyone that entres gets a draw ticket for the end of year award and there is a payout of $100 and$50 for first and second place in each of the 3 classes that night
the classes are: quick 11.0 to 12.50 , super 10.0 - 10.99 and extreme 7.5 - 9.99
your car needs to have a frt seat installed and be insured or permited .no delay boxes exc
its a great series and runs 6 times a year this will be #3 and so far there has been a different winner every class every time
so if you do well you may decided to carry on with the next 3 races
for a chance to be class champ which has some real cool prises

so get tuned up and ready to race

Splitty Ken:
its not JUST STREET LEGAL is it? my Drag Bug isn't and I was hoping to run...

jim martin:
yes its street legal .
this race series is targeted towards vehicles that are insured and at min permited.
after i talked with Richard who is the organiser of the series they do make some exceptions but its up to them
at time of inspection .
i should get a rule set or some sort of draft this week which i will post up
if you want or are interested i will pass you on his phone number and you can discuss your vehicle and see if it would be allowed
to race in this series .

myself i like it .basically 1 race a month for the season .run on the same night as a street legal so its easy to take part in .

figured i will dial the boost down and get my shift light polished up and see how consistant i can be

Is Darren's Promod a streetcar? :67: :67:

jim martin:

--- Quote from: josh on August 03, 2015, 10:45:29 AM ---Is Darren's Promod a streetcar? :67: :67:

--- End quote ---

yah nope - no full tube chassis cars allowed .
Remember its not who is the fastest ,ITS who is the most consistant and closest to there E.T without exceding it
see you in the staging lanes Josh


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