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PM'd ya


It is not necessary for you to post in a topic:

"PM'd you".

Everyone gets a notification when there's a new PM waiting for you.

PM'd you to say thanks for the post Bruce ;)

While I agree it's sort of redundant it does offer a sort of territorial pissing method for the internet age, PM'd on a for sale ad indicates someone's possibly jumping on it so don't get your hopes up, PM'd on a wanted ad says someone's got the item so maybe it saves me looking for one too.

Check your inbox, I'll send this via PM as well :)

but then there's the territorial pissings that are just that, and other people may not bother as they assume it's not available.
It's annoying!

Indeed, but if you are really hot for something there's nothing that says you can't PM as well, buyers do flake out now and then and your serious second dibs offer may just be the one who gets it when #1 turns out to be a tire kicker.
It does help with saying no to some of those impulse buys you really don't need, if you are on the fence and someone's already jumped it makes the decision that much easier ;)


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