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I have had my street legal rail for quite some time but unfortunately I always find myself working on other projects or driving something else.

The seating I have falls into the OK category.  I have added extra padding both in the base and backrest but I suspect if I start driving it any amount of time (say all day for a couple of days) I will want a seat upgrade with more support and comfort.  Here is what I have.

So my question to Airspeed Forum buggy owners is what are you running and what is the best out there.  Thanks for your help.

new to this site, however, have been a VW owner for over 30 years...

My son and I are starting the planning of a street legal "buggy"...

THEN, I saw your vehicle.....!!!!

He wants a rail, however, I was under the impression that is was not an easy thing to register, however. yours looks like it is as simple as a Manx style buggy (in that you have a body and roll bar bolted to your pan)

Did you build it yourself?

is it the original Pan VIN?

Can you share anything else relevant.


Steve Sheprd

My buggy is constructed from a Bugpack Invader tube frame chassis.  There is no pan.  Bought the bare chassis and not much else from a local fellow.  I did the rest myself.  It has its own VIN issued by ICBC.  No BS with grafting on a VW VIN.  Everything was done properly with no corners cut. 

It was fully inspected by a designated inspection facility and passed the first time. 

- 1600sp with doghouse oil cooling,
- IRS rear suspension with 002 bus trans, chromoly axles, 100mm Thing cv's
- engine and trans skid plates
- stock 61 T1 king/link front suspension
- dual exhaust with spark arrestors
- vdo gauges, stock T1 wipers, super beetle gas tank
- 16ga. floor and 22ga. body, Detachable hood.

Here is another pic from the 2011 GCVWS.  That was a good day.

52 split:
did you find better seats,and are you selling the old ones?

Found better seats but the fit was an issue.  Seats not for sale.


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