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buggy ready for 03/2015???

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well we have been looking for months and finally found what we were looking for. With some hard work ahead of us we expect to hit the dunes in March. The boys have some interest as they can now drive with Kevin and Colin and their buggies.


Tyler prepping the irs

Thought you were going to build the vert baja style? Either way another buggy is awesome. Ive got my rail home right now putting in steel clutch and throttle tubes.

I thought about that but couldn't bring myself to taking a cutter to it.

Irs ready o go in.

Kevin K:
that is looks really cool, the body looks good to, its going to be really cool to have another manx out their for the early morning run, if Brayden and Tyler get up early enough, ha ha
me and my dad had some trouble with the battery box interfering with the IRS suspension I don't know it that will be your situation after Ross dose his thing on the body but its something to think about
cant wait to go back to oregon its going to be awesome!


Tyler squaring up some spacers.

Braeden fitting seats

and a little glass repair


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