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Sacramento Bugorama


Well this one is in the books.
By far the largest Sacramento Bugorama ever... Swap i have never seen so big. Crazy huge...
Spectators everywhere, stands for raging full and Temp was high 90's
So lets start with the best and work our way backwards...
Kris take up the Hater and runs a 7:83 @ 189mph. goes back to the pits and gets his N/A Notchback and runs 8:80 @ 150
These guys are the masters , Then Jon schweers Jager notch and Kris run side by side 8's , Jagar engine built BY paradise..
My turn, For you that don't know , my car is a Pan car with spring plates still.. I run a 8:91 @ 154mph. Craziest thing ever... so that was 4 Paradise cars running 8 seconds or quicker on same day and everyone loaded up and went home.. I came third place to the Hater and the Baron who torched a head...  I tell ya , If you have never been to a Bugorama you need to go

Chris E.:
Great job Shane and Paradise! Sac is on my list for next year.

Badass dude! Congrats, was that your first 8? Man thats crazy fast :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

 :1rij: One day Congrats

Thats awesome Shane , way to go!!


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