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Glamis Scans from the Past

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Gotta say, it's nice to see an off-road section to this forum!  My wife and I spent 20 years in the Glamis dunes before selling our
rig in 1997 with heavy hearts.  Here's a few pics from the past...

The frame was a Fibertech 108" wheelbase mid-engine.  We ran a 2332cc motor at 12.5:1, FK87, and Fumio head work.  The trans had a 4:62
gear with close ratio third and fourth gears...

Ripping it up...

Time for a drink...

Thanks for sharing. How did your rail make out at glamis? Ive always wanted to go but people say "hills to high and to hot for vw power" I'm running a 2275 vw.
Thanks for posting


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