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Bugorama Finals Las Vegas


Vegas Finals,
As some of you may know I went to Mission a week before, I wanted to test and tune before Vegas and I actually wanted to lay down a solid number here.
So we went to the Friday test and tune and on my first pass my clutch management did not work, (human error) mine... I spun the hub.
New Hub arrived on the Holiday Monday and I sent Amanda across to go get it. Chris and I changed the hub Tuesday night as well as the shocks for a better launch .
 We were off again on Wednesday night for the short 20hr straihght drive to Fabulous Las Vegas.
We arrived Thursday around 3 pm. We stayed at the Excalibur which was the host hotel and is a very safe place to park.
Friday was a sleep in day and a free day. My Buddy Eric Madson called and said he would be in at 11am and not do anything till he arrived, 
So when he arrived we all headed out and did the tourist thing. We headed to Counts Kustoms first. First person we run into in the parking lot Horny Mike,, Great guy chatted for a bit and then we went on a free tour. Place is very cool and there are some sweet rides.. We run into Shannon, at the end and I find out he did not sell his split so I ask if he is gong to the show. and find out in fact he will be there. From there we head to American Restorations, This place is pretty small. On the Tour Rick's brother Ron come out and Eric hits him up with some questions and we end up talking to him and not taking the whole tour, again a great guy and it was a lot of fun to see the place. 
 By the time we get back to the Hotel the parking lot is full of racers, there are coolers out everywhere and bench racing has begun. This is part of the reason I love the Vegas race. you have time before and after to hang out with the racers, We hang out and have a few beers and then head in for a team dinner.
 My Company sponsors a few racers so we out for dinner with them and few other racers. Bed was early as we had to be at the track for 7 am to prep car.
we arrive early and set up. The Holes (promoters) come over to our pits and present us with a framed picture of the show shirts, My car and Jason lauffers notch were the cars on the shirts... I made a joke to mike and Said' finally a shirt you can sell out' In fact I was very humbled that a "new car" actually made the show shirt. In the end shirts had all sold out by 12 pm...I even did not get some of the ones I wanted.
 Next Molly and Scott Lauffer of paradise motorsports roll in. Kris and the Hater are not going to make the race Kris had a wedding. But Molly and Scott made the drive to bring me yet another gift, They had my magazine spread framed for me. These people are too much. Needless to say I was overwhelmed by the support this shop has given me.
 So its time to see who is in my field for the finals of the BRS racing series. coming into this race I was 12th in a 13 car field as I had only raced 1 race this year due to the car getting built. I needed a lot of points to get into top 5.
 We had "The Baron, Eric Madson in the ghia, Jon Schweers in the Nightmare notch, these three cars all did 8sec in sac. then you had Jacob Garza, and Mike Merrell and myself. 6 car field, If all the stars aligned I would be at least in the semi finals. 
 First qualifying up Baron VS Schweers  Baron runs a 8:14 to schweers 9:29 Baron oils the track down one end to the other, does not scale so run does not count. John schweers is #1
Next up is Eric and myself. I run a 9:60 and Eric suns a 11.29 he is hurt and out.
Jacob and Mike  Jacob runs a 10.30 and Mike a 12.0
Second Qualifying
Its Jon vs Me  at the line my gas wouldn't turn on for the c02 I push back as I don't wanna break on the launch jon runs a 9:37
Jacob and Mike run about the same numbers. Baron is still trying to fix.
Last qualifier Its me and the Baron, I launch and get way out of the groove but I am ahead of the baron so I stay in it.. I run a 10:06 and find out Baron broke at the line. There is something wrong with my car, I can feel the lack of power.
So now we find out our placements
Jon #1, Me #2 Jacob #3 Madson #4 Mike #5 and Baron #6
There is some discussions if Baron is even allowed to race as he did not scale at all. Ruling is made and Baron is in,
Jon VS Baron (basically #1 vs#2) luck is on my side Baron beats Jon with a 9:20 to a 9:41
next up is me I get a by, I run an 10:64 no water box or burn out, I am in the semis
Jacob (pointblank car) VS Mike Merrell Jacob has never one a 1st round he is 19yrs old . He gets a .088 light but is in the lead , he is all over the track wall to center line but is not lifting because he knows he is ahead,scariest ride of his life. He wins but knows his car is hurt he has torched a head
 Semi finals, baron gets a by run , tries to set a new record and mid track you hear a sonic boom and his car goes sideways. I am thinking I may have a chance if I get through this round ,
We address my car. We find a small chip in the cylinder, I have blow by, Nothing major but if I continue to race I could torch head bad.
its me against Jacob, I know he too his hurt but I don't know had bad. Jason tell me to run the car, we can fix whatever damage we do.
We pull up to the water box, Jacob proceeds to go around, I am like yes, we are even in the hurt department. We get to the line, this kid can cut a light. We launch and by the 60' he knows he has no chance in catching me and pulls over to save his car, I see he is no where insight so I let off half track and run a 11;40
 I made it to the finals, Me Vs the fastest car in BRS. My only hope is he red lights of blows up on the line like Qualifying. Chris is now concerned about Brown sugar. Says what do you wanna do?
I said , we came here to race! its all or not.
 We get to the line baron does a massive burnout, his way of saying he is not hurt and ready. I decide to see IF I can do something on the lights, I make Baron stage first, you are allowed 7 sec to second bulb, I count to 5 hoping he will red light heat up or something.   We Launch and he is on. At half track I see that I an not catching him and I run 10:48to his 9:50.
 I came runner up, that was amazing.. I actually got the points I needed.
That night was a big party at Dicks with all the racers and a great time. Second reason I do the Vegas race.
 I got the call last night that I came in Third place in the BRS for the season, Not bad for only 2 races. and my first season in a 9 sec car.
The engine is already back at Paradise and Pauter cylinders are going in.
It was a great season and I can not wait till Phoenix next year when I compete in all 4 events..

Awesome stuff Shane!!!!  and thanks for posting the story

Project Decade:
Hey Shane! Sounds like you guys had an interesting trip, thanks for posting your story.

Great story Shane. Thanks for sharing.



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