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Been a while since I made a race post on here. But this one is worthy.
First off. If you have never been to a Bugorama in Sac. I suggest you take one in. Also you should camp out as that is the best part.
 So Chris Caswell and Amanda and I headed out Wednesday night and drove right through the night to Sac. It took about 14 hours. We then rolled into Bugformance to see the guys. The are amazing hosts who set us up at the back of the shop to camp in the RV. That night Mike Hole and his GF swung by and picked us up and took us downtown for dinner and drinks. We actually it a few places I had been before with Geoff and Bruce. Was a good night lots of laughs.
  Friday we got to sleep I. And then hit the track for 1 pm. Eric madson, Doug Harvey among others were already there. We had Bad Habit on the back of the motor home as I was taking it down to swap with Kris Lauffer. Lauffer boys were on their way with the hater and my new car Brown sugar. Friday night is an open test and tune night. I still needed 1 pass for my 9 sec license and the plan was to do it Friday night.
 Everyone shows up and the decision was made to hang out and drink and catch up with old friends.
 Muffler Mikes wife had made 400 jello shooters so it was o vinous what was gonna happen. We had a pretty awesome night bench racing and messing sound on the golf cart that night.
 Saturday morning arrives quick. It's race day. We start at 4 pm and and we have so much to prep as this is basically a brand new car that has never really seen a pass yet. Chris is an Awesome crew chief. And I trust him with everything. He makes sure my car is good to go and safe. Kris Lauffer comes over and hands me some stickers. It says "brown sugar". She has a name. An awesome name at that.
 My nerves are starting  to show now as I look around at my competition. I am pitting with two of the fastest VWs on the planet. I have Kris Lauffer with the Hater maker on my left and I have Eric Madson with his snoopy Ghia on the right.  The seat time by just these two guys is amazing. Over in the pits there is Red Baron fastest Fokker around and Jon Schweers in his Nightmare notch. We have an 8 car field and boy am I out of my league with my pan car.
 Well it's time and I need 1 pass in the 9's to get my go fast pass. I have never ran anything faster than a 10.02. This run has my stomach upside down. New car. So many Things to remember. I now have clutch management. Make sure I turn it on after burn out. Vertigate shifter. Man this is pressure. I am allowed to do a dual pass. Qualify and lic.  Alright here it goes. Oh and if have not seen this car in person. It's bad ass. Show quality race car that still is a pan car. I get up to the burn out box and kinda like Geoff I like a good burnout. I light em up. Car feels mean. I like it. Since it is a license pass I am solo. Chris lines me up at the light.  I turn on the gas flip the switch. Take a deep breath and I am like I got this.  Stage the car, light the bulbs. Tree drops and we are off. Car is on a charge.  I hit third gear and car bunkers down and bounces off wheelie bars. She then gets loose on back end. I am thinking, I have one pass to do this. I grab fourth and she straightens out. I pass the lights knowing I am going fast. I pull my chute first time ever. I look in the mirror. No chute. Wtf. I pull it again. No chute. I start braking hard and make last pull out. I turn everything off and get out. Chute spring went sideways and got stuck. No big deal. Chris and Amanda make it down track high fives hugs. I ran my first ever 9:40 @144. On 12 lbs boost. I felt complete. Car did what I wanted and better. I went from a 10:30 car right to 9:40. Almost 1 sec quicker.
  We head back to the pits. Everyone is coming over and congratulating me. I am content. Lets drink.
Terry hoogstins comes over to say hi. Says you gonna go again?  I'm like no I'm good for tonight he is like , you came to race didn't ya? So with that I head back to staging lanes.
 Chris lines me up and here we go. This time when I put it into fourth the wheelie bars do it again and I get real loose. I get to see the wall and I shut it down coast through the lights. I did a 10:00 at 106!
 That's it for Saturday night qualifying. To my surprise I am 5th. The field looks like this
Hater 8:17. Baron 8:29 Madson 9:08. Schweers 9:29. Me 9:40 Marvin 9:65 Monty 10:40 and pat downs 0:00 no run.
 Now it's party time. It was Bar B Q in the pits. Lots of fun and.  Chris Caswell and myself and Madison's crew took to my new good cart. It was wheelie central for us. So much fun. Again if you have not been you have to come. Camp out and join in on the action.
 Sunday morning came early. And we all were a little slow in moving.
1 more qualifying pass and we are good to go. Lets see how the field changes. 
 We get up to the Line and I am like if I want this in a mag the burn out better be good.
 I light it up and smoke em right through the lights. Chris lines me up. Opens my doors to get the smoke out and it's to time. Great launch and car feels good. I was up against the Full Monty and did not see him at all.  Chris gets to end of track 140@ 146mph another great run. Wow third time down track and I am consistent with my times.
 The qualifying is over and it now sits like this.
Hater 8:13. Baron 8:29 madson 8:80 Schweers 9:26 me 9:40 Pat downs 9.43 Marvin 9:65 Monty 10:002
That is 7 cars in the nines or under. Crazy.
 I get Jon Schweers first round. If you have never met Jon. He is one of the nicest guys around. He comes over to my pit to shake my hand and wish me luck. He is wearing me Eh Team shirt. I ask what with that. He says much respect you can drive and I know we have a race on our hands. Thought I would represent. I am just saying. These guys are awesome.
Hater vs Monty. Baron vs Marvin. Madson vs Pat downs. Schweers vs me
Hater takes Monty with a 9:00 run. Baron blows Marvin with a 8:09 run new record. Madson wheel stands it past downs with a 8:80. Now our turn.
 We line up and I am still trying to figure out clutch management and the tree because of the delay my reactions are so off. Jon trees me with a .200 to my .325 he is gone. I am chasing him down the track I am pushing the car hard. We both cross over the finish line and take the pull out. He gets out of his car and comes over and says. Sorry dude. I am like, Jon you had to have gone the fastest you have ever gone. He said you had me worried and I pushed the car hard and I know I pulled a head stud or something g she is hurt bad. Our crews show up. I did another 9:40 @ 140. Jon ran a personal best of 8:80 @ 152. Now look at the field top four cars are under 9 secs. That is crazy fast
 Baron also fried his pressure plate on his run. He sends a guy to our pits looking for one. Now here is what makes racing with this team so awesome. Kris Lauffer goes into his trailer knowing Baron is having a great weekend. He pulls out a pressure plate and says I dont wanna win this way. I wanna race. That is the people who I race with. Not to mention he had already welded up someone's head. Helped re and re Jon Schweers car Saturday night. He is making sure both Eric and myself cars are good to go and data logging them for us.
 So Hater vs  Schweers. And baron vs madson
Hater beats an injured Schweers. And Baron runs another 8:09 against Madsons 8:87 with a 30' wheelie.
Finals are how they should be Hater vs Baron
Baron runs a 8:19 to Haters 8:50 and hater was all over the track, scary even.
 Pointblanks sponsored car Sasha Cerny came runner up to Shawn Geers.
All in all it was an awesome weekend with great people. Brown sugar was a bracket car this weekend.
 Now time to get ready for Vegas and turn it up another notch. Time to get to Darren Dilleys speeds.
Sorry for any spelling this was typed on my phone on my way to Calgary.


Yeah dude! Awesome play by play! Where's the in car vids?

I haven't been to that event since 03....wanna get back soon!!

We have some video clips, no in car as we forgot the camera

you can check out pictures and video at https://www.facebook.com/brownsugar.vw


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