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So whos going to race this year?

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Just curious how many of us plan to make some passes on there local drag strip or maybe do some road course racing?

I noticed the time trials were running at the parking lot of the scott rd skytrain station last sunday.


red snapper:
DD and I are heading to Mission tommorow night if the weather allows. Are you in?  :-*

I`ll be there too if the weather is good . ;D

nope, finally got my parts ordered, be here next week, so a couple weeks to go yet....


Going this Sunday to Osoyoos.   

Brian did you or Darren run on Friday ?

Hopefully Jim will get his car done soon as there are only 4 more T&T's  before the GC.

 34 passes and counting for me, I've been able to get out quite abit so far.   will try to come down for the July 23 T&T at Mission too.



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