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Airspeedparts.com is proud to offer a rewards package for those who support this forum.

All those who donate $25.00 will become ASF **Allstar** and will benefit from many local and VW related business discounts. I'm working on special pricing that will only be available to those in the ASF **Allstars**

The \"yearly\" subscription is a FULL YEAR from the date you donate... Not just the fiscal year. So those who donate will be able to start saving right away.

The first to jump on board is CIP1.com, They are working on a special web discount code as well as specials on new products for the ASF **Allstars** CIP has also just lowered their Canadian retail prices to be in line with the current us dollar. With the new ASF**Allstars** code this  means good savings for you!
CIP1.com save 5%

AVR Import Specialties 20% off all Empi Parts.  Free catalogues and price lists are available by stopping in.
Dales Alignment, Allstar members save 10% on all aligments!!!

As well Airkewld just signed up to be a vendor, Save 5%.

Just added new sponsors!

Powdercoating from Francis Andrew site furnishing, see Russ for special pricing.

Specialty Plating co. Custom chrome, nickel & gold plating 10% off!
1443 Dominion st N Van.

Contact me for special codes.

Many more vendors will come on board as we work the details out, If you know or have a business who may be interested please feel free to contact me geoff@airspeedparts.com

If you wish to join the ASF**All-Stars** you can contact me at the above email or send your paypal donation to geoff@airspeedparts.com (please include your full name as well as your screen name)

Geoff Peterson

Great news!

Pete Skiba from Airkewld just signed up to be a vendor, details to follow!

Not everbody has \"PayPal\"!How do we contribute?Dan

If you will be attending the swap next weekend  Chris will ba collecting the donations there. Or you can pm me for info on sending a money order.  

Our good friends at AVR have joined the Allstar program!
If you decide to become a Allstar member or not, please support these great shops. These are the guys that keep our hobby and local scene alive.

More info on the way!!


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