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54 Buick Special Hardtop

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This section will be for my Brothers 54 Buick that he bought as a restored car. So far the roof was removed, 57 Olds roof was installed then choped. Many more body mods are on the list of things to do.

Whats the best thing you can do to a restored car???....................Cut it up!

Thats the Buick as we removed all the windows and trim, It was MINT before we started.

No going back now..

will post more tomorrow!!!  


With the roof removed we spent a long time triming and fitting the new roof, here you can see the package tray has been removed but the trunk hinge are is still in place. We used the new roof and package tray from the 1957 Olds, first test fit below.

Note the much cooler 3 window style roof and nice body lines that run the length of the center roof section.

A test fit of the rear window area..

More triming..

Above, the chop starts..

Sectioned and hamer welded...

A new attitude!!

More to come!

Body Mods!!
Laurie is the king of the body mods..

First is a set of quad head lights to replace the factory 54 units.

Laurie formed a new surround and peak for the headlight to sit in.

Stock vs New custom fender/light

Next the drivers side and the radius on the hood corners.

Next it was time to do a little custom work to the port holes..

A little body work..

More coming soon!!

cool!!! i love the rear corner windows.

is that an old valiant hiding behind it in the first pic?

70's Looker:
anything new? finished? if i ever wanted an engine infront it would be in a buick!!


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