Author Topic: Is this a good cam for a stock 2.0.FI Hydraulic?  (Read 1010 times)

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Is this a good cam for a stock 2.0.FI Hydraulic?
« on: April 24, 2015, 08:58:02 AM »
I have a lead on a Webcam #93 grind type 4 hydraulic cam and wondered if anyone had any experience with it. There is no listing for it on the webcam website but is purported to be the hydraulic equivalent to the #86 solid lifter cam.

The stock cam is 240 duration with .333 lift. The 86 is listed at 270 duration at .426 lift. I am trying to get the exact specs on the 93 from webcam... Will this be too much cam for a stock 2.0 FI hydro engine. And what "problems" will this create for the engine. In my research the worst effect is a lopey idle....but if there is more midrange power, this might be a reasonable trade off.


Engine GE 1978 2.0 Hydraulic FI. Internals are all original VW branded parts, so this may be its first bottom end rebuild (although the heads and P&C looked better than I expected upon disassembly-indicating a new top end at some point). Currently have dished pistions, and a new set of dished Mahle P&C to install. I took the engine out after loosing all compression in #1 cylinder, hoping the fix was new rings (and P&C). Turns out I believe it was the crack in the head that was the culprit. At the short block stage I could see the wear on the cam and decided to split the case...

My engine is completely apart waiting for a cam, heads, and related bearings and gaskets...The surprises found were a crack in one head leading to the exhaust valve, and severely delaminated/corroded cam bearings. Pics in the link below.

A short background on my bus is here:  with some pics of the camshaft etc.

Thanks for any comments, questions, advice etc.