Author Topic: Turn Signal Switch Replacement-Notchback  (Read 3077 times)

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Turn Signal Switch Replacement-Notchback
« on: July 26, 2016, 06:18:16 PM »
Posted this on the Samba as well. Just looking to get fixed so I can get on the road

Turn signal switch in my 69 notch required replacement as the high beams would not stay on signals wouldn't cancel.

Here's what went down:
Purchased a new switch from Cip1 ("good quality" version). Pulled the old one, which fell apart as I was removing it. Installed the new one. Checked wiring against an old samba thread in which RW explained the routing. Started it up and everything worked well. Got out of the car to check the lights and nothing. Back in the car there was a whisp of smoke from the column. Now no signals. High beams work. 4 ways work. I can get the left signal to work if I manipulate the lever. Even still the dash indicator does not work. Right signal is a no go. No burnt wires that I could find and fuses are good.

I am not much of an electrical guy so looking for pointers on what to check. High beam switch is still good and the flasher relay appears to be good. Although it could be part way "failed". I am leaning toward a faulty switch out of the box.

As always, any and all help/advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,