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Update #17
« on: December 13, 2005, 01:48:58 PM »
I spent some time on the front trunk area including the inner wheel wells. I bought some tubing and with some plywood bent them to fit the trunk area. 20 min with a jig saw and a few screws later I had made my first "jig". It went a lot smoother than I thought it would, no kinks or bad bends.
It took a little work to get the two pc's to meet and fit well at the bottom but it turned out good.
I then sheeted in the inner wells, next it was onto the under hood area.

If you remember way back I had started with a front area that had the clip cut off. Sometime later I welded on a rusty clip so I could fit the hood. Well, after a little work patching the rust I decided to keep it . I thought it would be better to use what I have rather than cut up another eary clip.

The trunk was next, a little sheet metal and some bending and and it's done. Well only the front pc is welded in. The other is just resting in place until some body work can be done.

The rear cowel needed the gas cap hole cut as well as some louvers installed. The louvers were from a Nissan or something? I spent a day at the wrecker looking for something close and thats what I came up with.

Ya gotta have a cool shifter!

Last night I gave a try at making the side and front window frames. I bought some aluminum "U" channel and went for it.
The front window will be a Safari style, here is a shot of one of the wooden jig's I made. I used 5-6 different jig's (some shown here) to get the correct bends. With a small amount of heat you can do wonders.

These pic's are of the rough shape, it will need more work but it's getting close.

The side window frames were next.

Last pic for this update is the rear 1/4 and roof section. The new bow's are made and now all thats left to do is re make the front section (just not happy with it) I couldn't help but lay a little filler in the rear cowel to see how it will look.


All that work took everyday after work plus two sat and sundays......I'm burning out but it's all worth it.
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