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Update #12
« on: November 30, 2004, 09:31:49 AM »
For this update I'm still working on the engine lid, It's going faster than I thought.
I wanted to start on building the raised lic light that runs the center of the Heb lid. The problem that I could see was that it had a radius running top to bottom and left to right. With the limited tools I have I didnt think I could make one without a English wheel or without paying someone to do it.
I really wanted to build this all myself so......... This may sound lame but.. I always watch Discovery channel, Biker buildoff, monster garage etc. On there you see them building gas tanks from scratch using hammers and a lead shot bag. I thought it would be worth a try?

I dont have a led shot bag but I found a dense foam sheet and used a 4' grinder to cut a rough shape to start with.
From there I used a ball peen hammer and a dead blow to start the shaping.
After a few minutes it started to take shape, With some careful blows it all came together. I used a hammer and dolly to smooth it all out.

After fitting it and welding it I had to shape it a little more so i'll have to go back with the hammer and dolly to smooth it out.
So on to the pic's!
Starting to take shape.

It's now getting the radius of the rear hood!

Here you can see the pattern that I used to make the shape.

Cutting it to shape, oh yeah the foam also made a good seat.

A shot of it from the side as I test fit it, To this point it was only 2.5 hrs.

I rolled it outside to get a better view of how it was looking.

At this point it's still not fit but just sitting in place.

Here is a shot after it was welded in place, I also added a pc of nail wire to the lic light opening to give it a clean rolled edge look.
It still needs a a lot more work but it's looking close!
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